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Hi there, If you want to find a way to reclaim your energy and your health, even in the midst of cancer treatment, you’re in the right place. You want to manage your pain, have more energy and feel healthy again. But right now your stress level is off the charts. You can’t sleep and feel exhausted, even when you first wake up! You might be feeling stuck or frustrated, like there is no way to get better, and you worry that your health will only get worse. You may be anxious about the impact your illness and pain is having on your family. The tension is starting to affect your relationships, more than you imagined it would. 

“There is a way to find sweet relief and reclaim your energy!” 

My passion is supporting women with cancer like you to…     •  Clear your mind     •  Expand your energy     •  Feel your mood soar     •  Create deep relaxation in your entire body     •  Find sweet relief from pain and stress! Your first step is to sign up for my guided meditation, “Sweet Relief: Lift Above Stress in 8 Minutes or Less,” yours Free. As my gift to you, this meditation will help you release tension, stress and anxiety, to discover a new way to free yourself from pain! Here’s to living your highest potential, in radiant well-being and Joy! Julianne Julianne Blake, PhD Mentor for Joy Psychologist Certified High Performance Coach Empowerment for Health & Healing


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