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A Cancer Health Revolution

A Cancer Health Revolution

Did you know recent brain research (at Stanford University) showed that 67% of all healing – even from injuries – originates in a person’s energy field, also referred to as the “mind-body. 

Does that mean it’s “all in your head?” 

No. Not at all. 

But it is all in your cells. 

It’s all in your tissues. 

And, it’s in the emotional charge, which is a key element in your self conceptyour self-image – and every deeply held belief. 

So, what we think and feel is changing the cells of our bodies! 

This is causing a health revolution!  It did for me. 

In our culture we’re really not taught how to be responsible for our health – how to create a healthy body. 

Especially with cancer. 

What are the first thoughts that come when you hear that word? Usually fear. 

Then you think about finding the right doctors to fix you (Isn’t that what we learned growing up?). 

Then: what’s the best treatment? 

So, how do you create health while living with cancer? 

Well, everyone knows good diet and exercise help build health – if we do them! 

But what about our energy field? 

What about our attitude? 

What about our ideas about who we are, and what we deserve? 

What about our emotional self-care? 

Our relationship with loved ones? 

What about our stress levels? 

These all have an immense impact on our health. 

For most people, these are the last thing on their list of priorities. 

We simply were NOT taught to take care of ourselves, or to nourish ourselves mentally, emotionally – and even spiritually. 

If two thirds of all healing originates in our “energy field,” (as research shows), should we let these things stay at the bottom of our list? 

It’s time to balance this NOW! Women living with cancer can empower their own healing and treatment, creating healthy bodies with their whole energy field. 

Live your life doing what you love, and choose Joy every day. 


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