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women’s joy doctor

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The Joy Doctor


This site is an expression of my dedication to bringing to readers, clients, partners, friends and members – all whom I come in contact with – relief from discomfort, the ability to transform your pain, and radiant, uplifting love. My clear and unwavering intention is to offer to everyone who’s life I touch an out-pouring of that compassionate love that can transform any problem or issue or pain. What I share inspires those who receive it to highly value and nurture yourselves and those close to you (especially yourselves), as you deserve – more than you know – to receive the abundance of love that is just waiting to come to you. All who receive products, services and messages from this site find healing love and experience themselves transformed by it, grateful and eagerly sharing their results with others. The circle of grace and empowerment expands as it spreads throughout the world, encouraging all who want to… Live with courage, passion and purpose.


Co Author of The Success Secret with Jack Canfield


Host of the acclaimed Infinitely Powerful Women. New Show: Prescription for a Miracle


Extraordinary healing and self discovery for over 20 years.


Creating opportunites for empowerment, abundance and Joy.

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